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Thanks to the Uni, the ISF, and the MOS support we have our own new clean-room lab facility, equipped with optical microscopes, flak transfer (stamping) station, polymer spinner, advanced plasma etching and advanced bulk materials sputter deposition tools. We use this lab to build our devices.

To define the structure geometry with nm resolution, we use a new RAITH II electron beam lithography tool that was recently purchased by TAU Nano-center (with our help).

We measure topography, and surface potentials using our new AFM (Park).

The transport experiments are currently held at a joint PPMS tool with He3 insert (base temperature of 0.3K) and a 14 T magnet, a new He3 system that was recently purchased with an 8T magnet and 2 axes rotation capabilities, and a couple of He4 cryostats with a 6T magnet.

Ultra high resolution Electron Beam Lithography and Imaging.


DRY 300mK System (Single shot)
A compact cryogen-free ³He system, sample in vacuum, uses a closed cycle cooler with vibration eliminated by a bellows system.


ATC-Orion 8 UHV
Fitted with up to (5) 3″ or (8) 2″ UHV magnetron sputtering sources. This unit features a turbo-pumped vacuum load lock with 6 position cassette.

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