We are fascinated by the physics of collective excitation in crystalline materials. We wish to observe/understand/control the way electrons/photons/phonons and additional “lattice-induced” particles act in predesigned devices and ultra-pure mediums.

Using layered crystals that can be artificially stacked together into variety of such mediums we pursue our (hopefully innovative) ideas, where we aim to create and explore new phenomena in novel, previously unavailable, environments.



Interfacial Ferroelectricity

by van der Waals Sliding

We use layered crystals like graphite, that form strong covalent bonds in one plane versus a relatively weak “van-der-Waals” attraction between the different planes. Out of these layered materials we isolate very thin flakes of only one atom thick crystals – like graphene. The physics at this extremely two-dimensional limit is typically different and very interesting.
It is also possible to recombine flakes from different materials one on top of the other (like LEGO blocks) to make novel artificial structures, where we expect fascinating electronic, mechanical and optical phenomena.

Credit: Sayo Studio

Latest Publications

“Building devices in magic-angle graphene”

Jonathan R. Prance, Moshe Ben Shalom

Nature nanotechnology, DOI 10.1038 (2021)

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